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Here is the first of my mini series Crafter's Gift Guide. I did a post a while back about random gifts you could get for any crafters, but I thought this week I would go more in depth. Today is for the Hot Glue Gun Lover, and later this week I'll be doing post for Jewelry, Sewing and Knitter and Crochet Lover. So I hope you guys like it :)

For The Hot Glue Gun Lover

Hot Glue Gun 

Hot Glue Gun Helpers

Glue Sticks

Now this kit would be great for someone who doesn't have a glue gun or who uses their glue gun all the time.

This kit includes three items a hot glue gun, Plaids Hot Glue Gun Helpers and glue sticks. Now the star of this show is the Plaid Hot Glue Gun Helpers. Now if you don't know what they are,  here  is the description from Cathie Fillian's ( creator) Etsy Shop for the product...

What Are They?

Craft mat and tools for working with hot glue.

Protect your work surface and your fingers.

Heat-resistant and non-stick.

Use a small drop of glue for tiny gluing.

Press into hot glue with no risk of burns.

If you want to find out more then you can visit Cathie Fillian's Blog, or the Etsy shop.  

To me this would be a great kit to give to any crafter, because at some point you will need a hot glue gun for something. Also the prices are very reasonable, the Plaid Hot Glue Gun Helpers are $19.99, the hot glue gun you could get for under $3.00 and the glue sticks you could buy for $1.00 from the dollar store.

In my personal opinion I would love to receive this as a gift, maybe Santa will drop some Hot Glue Gun Helpers off in my stocking this year....


p.s Don't forget to check out my new Etsy Shop because I'm adding two new items to the shop all this week. Also don't forget you can still enter the The My Memories Giveaway.

This post was not sponsor and none of the companies contacted me to write this post. All opinions are my own.  

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  1. Hi! Thanks for featuring Hot Glue gun Helpers! I really appreciate it. Happy Holidays! Cathie


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