Domino Watch

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In December my grandma gave me some old watch bands, in about 10 different colors. The watch bands were pretty but the none of the bands came with an actually watch face. So not knowing what to do with all these watch bands, I made my own "watch face" out of a domino.


Domino Watch

Watch Band
Foam Brush 
Mod Podge
2 Jump Rings
Scrapbooking Paper
2 Scrapbooking "Charms" ( I believe these charms are use to hold down paper ( on your scrapbook pages), I bought them forever ago that I don't remember the name. But if any one know the proper name, please leave a comment below. Cause I would really like to know.)

Step 1: With your E-6000, glue 2 scrapbooking charms to the back of your domino.

Step 2:  Then glue your scrapbooking paper to your domino, then cut off the extra.

picture 1
picture 2
Step 3: Once your domino is all dry, then open up your jump ring and attach your domino to your watch band. When your done you should have something like picture 2 ( which is the back of the watch)

Then your done and ready to wear your watch!

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  1. That's cool! Did you buy the watch band including those "lugs"?
    I actually made a real domino watch, see here on facebook:

    1. The watch bands were giving to me but yes they did include those "lugs".

      Thanks for stopping by :)


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