Mini Collection Monday * Vintage Book Edition*

Good Morning,
Well the new year has begun, now lets see how long my new year resolutions last...... I myself give them a week.

But on to other things....

As you can tell by the title, this month all my Mini Collection Monday post will be vintage book related. Over the past few months, well really out of now where my vintage book collection grew. This past Christmas my best friend gave me the best thing I could ever ask for, two vintage children's books ( I know I'm a nerd).

But since it is the beginning of the year I better explain what Mini Collection Monday is before I hop into the vintage book part ( no pun intended). Mini Collection Monday, is were I'll showcase an item from my personal vintage collection. I thought it would be a neat way to share what I have, and see if any of you out their have something similar.

So if I haven't lost you yet will all my rambling, today's Mini Collection Monday is the vintage children's book Peter Rabbit.

This copy of Peter Rabbit was published my Whitman is 1963, it was apart of their Giant Tell a- Tale series. This was one of the books that my friend got for me for Christmas, I still don't think she knows how much I love this book. The book itself is in great condition and the drawings are so detailed and charming. I especially love the back of the book.

I hope you guys enjoy this months Mini Collection Monday and I hope you all have a wonderful year!


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