My 11 Favorite Craft Projects From 2011

Good Morning,
Today I wanted to share with you guys, my favorite craft projects from 2011. I made a total of 29 projects last year, so only picking 11 was hard but I manged to do it. So below is my favorite 11 projects from 2011 ( they are in no particular order).

1. Game Board Clock

2. Ribbon Spool Christmas Ornament 

3. Crafty October Glitter Pumpkin Wall Hanging 

4. Dried Up Markers Craft Supple Holder 

5. All That And A Bag Of Chips 

6. Singin In The Rain 

7. Crafty October Last Minute Headband 

8. Spring/Summer Shoe Makeover 

9. Cork Coaster Craft 

10. Old School Picture Frame D.I.Y 

11. If it ain't broke don't fix it......I mean really don't fix it, make a necklace 

What was your favorite project that you made in 2011?


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