Valentine's Day Treat Bag

Good Morning,
Well Valentine's Day is coming up and I have already seen tons of craft diys all over the Internet. So here is my first Valentine's Day craft project for the season! But don't worry I will have more Valentine's Day crafts coming up in the next few weeks.


Valentine's Day Treat Bag 
Scrapbooking paper
Hot Glue Gun
Scissors (normal or decorative)
Plastic Bag
Candy ( not pictured)

picture 1

picture 2
Step 1: Take a piece of scrapbooking paper ( thats a little longer then the width of your plastic bag) (picture 1) and fold it in half . Then cut as much off the bottom as you want with your normal scissors or decorative scissors ( picture 2). 

Step 2: Now take your ribbon and decorate the folded piece of paper ( cut off any extra ribbon that is on the ends).

Step 3: Once your done decorating, then fill your plastic bag up with candy and open your decorated folded piece of paper and place your bag filled with candy in between the fold . Then take your stapler and staple your decorated piece of paper to your bag.

Step 4: To cover up the staple, I hot glued two buttons on top of the staple.

Then your done!!!

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  1. Oh this is adorable I love a good excuse to get my craft on. Once I've finished all my shoe projects I will totally be trying this out for valentines day. Brilliant idea!


  2. SO cute!!!! My little one just started preschool - this would be a great vday gift to bring her new classmates! THanks so much for sharing at twosasters!


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