Vintage Canisters

Good Morning,
One thing that I would love to have in my own house someday would be a set of vintage canisters. So I went looking online and found some really cute canister sets. One day I will own a set! But for now I can enjoy shopping for them in the virtual world with my pretend monopoly money.

Hope you all have a great weekend!!!


1. Vintage 1950's Yellow Canisters Fun Cheerful Storage

2. Vintage Colored Snack Tin Canister Set Stackable and Nesting Circa 1950's 

3. Vintage Kitchen: Ceramic Flour Sugar Coffee Tea 

4. Vintage Ransburg Canister Set, Avocado with White Yellow Tangerine Daisies 

5. 4Piece Vintage Yellow Gold Max Klein Nesting Canister Set 


  1. It's so funny, my Mum threw a set just like those avocado ones out a few years ago deeming them 'tacky and dated' and now it seems everyone wants them again!!!

  2. So, so cute. I love the yellow ones in the first photo.


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