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Today I have another book review for you guys! This book had been on my wishlist and over this past Christmas my parent got it for me. The book is call The Complete Book Of Retro Crafts Collecting, Displaying & Making Crafts Of The Past.

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This book is by Suzie Millions, and let me tell you something this girl did her research. The book is filled not only with craft projects but the history of retro crafts and how they came to be. Chapter 1 is titled What Is A Retro Craft? and from their Suzie explains how to prepare your work station, what supplies you might need, then dives into all the crafts. 
What I really liked about this book was that all the craft projects were dived into 9 sections by their material. Some of those sections were glitter, paper, Christmas, glass, and wood. My personal favorite would have to be the glitter section.Their are 49 different craft projects and almost all of them are easy to make for beginners. What I love about each section is that Suize explains why that material ( for example glitter) was important in the retro craft world. Throughout the book their are many tips about how to work with each material, where you can get supplies, and where you can draw inspiration from.
Before I go on, I read some of the reviews on Amazon, and some people I feel got the wrong impression of the book. This book is about retro crafts in their pure state, meaning they look homemade and have a very kitschy feel to them. Most of the projects are made out of materials you have lying around your home like tin cans, matchsticks, gum wrappers, macaroni, shells and other "junk items". If your looking to make something thats looks perfect and is retro not kitschy then this book might not be for you. But if you want to learn about true retro crafts and their history then this book is definitely for you.

Once you read through all the projects the last 2 chapters talk about collecting retro crafts, how to display them and even how to host your own retro craft party.

The graphic alone in this book are to die for. Thats what initially caught my eye when I discovered this book, each page is filled with bright fun graphic that alone can provide anyone with inspiration.

So I recommend this book to everyone and their mother because thats how much I love it. Have any of you read this book or do you have a craft book that you could recommend?


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  1. Great book review. A retro craft party sounds SO fun!!!
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