Happy Valentine's Day

Good Morning,
I wanted to wish you all a Happy Valentine's Day!

Now Valentine's Day has always been special to me because of one event that happen 8 years ago. That event was driving 2 hours out in the country on a Saturday, to get my little puppy! I was so happy that day, when I got him he was the smallest puppy I had ever seen and he looked soooooooo cute. When we were driving home, my mom was going through all his papers and noticed that his birthday (November 16) was the same as mine. To me that was sign from God, that we had gotten the right dog. Now 8 years later I can't help but tell the story 20 times on Valentine's Day.

Just some of the many pictures of my little puppy. 

Valentine's Day is special for a lot of reasons, why is Valentine's Day important to you?


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