Mini Collection Monday * Vintage Valentines Part 1*

Good Morning,
I hope everyone had a great weekend. Today I'm excited to share with you my own personal collection of Vintage Valentines! Now sit back and relax because I'm going to tell you a little story.

It all started one day in an antique shop, my mother was looking around at odds and ends until she happen upon one vintage valentines wrapped in plastic. She look at it and thought it was the cutes thing she had ever seen, the price wasn't  to bad either. Taking her one Valentines up to the register she bought it and took it home.

Now she new that Valentine was special but it look lonely. So now every time she went into an antique shop, in the back of her mind was her little lonely Valentine wrapped in plastic. On other outting she found another Valentine which made her heart skip a beat  because now her vintage Valentine wasn't lonely anymore. Then after that she was hooked and those two Valentines turned into 50 or more Valentines ( which right now, are on the walls when you walk into the house).

So how did I get involved you ask,well I'm just the writer of this story. But if you really need to know, my mom gave me my first vintage Valentine to start my own collection. So now every time I go into an antique shop, finding at least one vintage Valentine is in the back of my mind.

So here is my collection in parts, today you will see part 1.

Do you guys collect Vintage Valentines?

The End,

p.s Hope you liked my story writing, I just starting writing and got into it ( maybe got into it too much)  :)


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