My Favorite D.I.Y'S Right Now

Good Morning,
Now I love making things as much has the next crafter, but sometimes I need some inspiration too. So today I thought I would share with you guys, some of my favorite D.I.Y right now.

Do you have a favorite D.I.Y right now?


1. Book excerpt | Mushroom love brooch project

2. Make Elephant Bookends for $2 

3. Felt Heart Garland DIY 

4.  Be Your Own Designer: DIY Popsicle Bracelet Cuff

5. A d.i.y I found on Pinterest


  1. I'm going to need to try my hand at some of those. Thanks for the inspiration!
    Dropping by from EBT.

  2. Love the Popsicle stick idea! Perfect for my middle school students.

  3. Great DIY finds! I really love the elephant bookends idea!


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