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I have another book review for you today! This book was on my wishlist for the longest time and when I got it for Christmas I couldn't wait to read it. Today's book review is the Vintage Craft Workshop Fresh Takes On Twenty- Four Classic Projects From The '60s and '70s ( try to say that fives time fast).

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This book is by Cathy Callahan, and let me tell you this girl did her homework. The book is filled overflowing with information about craft trends, people, different techniques and so much more. Thats what original drew me to the book, was all the rich history.

Going clockwise from the upper left: Macrame Hangers by Derek + Lauren, Crochet vase Covers by Cecily Keim, Folded Book Sculptures by Lucy Spriggs, Papier Mache Vase by Katie Steuernagle, Crocheted Mobile by Laura Normandin, Mod Circle Placemats by Diane Gilleland, Crewel Pillow by Erika Kern and Flower Waste Paper Basket by yours truly. ( From Cathy's Blog)

This craft book has 6 chapters, and each chapter is dedicate to a certain craft product/trend ( like burlap or yarn). What I loved most about this book was that before each chapter Cathy would have a little background on the craft product (like burlap) and tell about it's importances, how it was use and what famous artist/crafter used it.

What Cathy Callahan presents in this book is ways to take an "old craft project" and revamp it to make it new again. A quote that Cathy put in the book really expains it all

 " Nothing is new, but personal interpreation can often be so."- Alexander Girard, 1956 ( taken from Cathy Callahan new book called Vintage Craft Workshop Fresh Takes On Twenty- Four Classic Projects From The '60s and '70s)

Some of the many projects in this book are teaching you how to make a  pincushion, wastepaper basket, birdhouses, place mats, pillows, aprons, gifts boxes and so much more. Also some of the projects are inspired by real life people and their artwork like Gemma Taccogna and Enid Collins.

From Cathy's Blog

 The pictures in this book are also to die for, each project has an inspirational picture which gives you a better since of what the crafter change and kept when designing the revamp version. The style of pictures and the colors use in this book are wonderful, it makes me truly think that I have a vintage craft book (instead of a fresh take on '60s and '70s crafts).

Check out this Flicker group, it shows some of the projects from the book and some of the crafters who made them.
So what my favorite project from the book, you ask?  Well it would have to be the Loomed Flower Wall Hanging (pictured above), which I'm now on the hunt for a flower loom (lol).

If you want to get your own copy you can visit Amazon, if you want to find out more about Cathy Callahan then you can visit her site.

So like I said in my last book review... I recommend this book to everyone and their mother because thats how much I love it. I would also recommend getting this book along with The Complete Book Of Retro Crafts Collecting, Displaying & Making Crafts Of The Past by Suzie Millions ( read my review on this book ). These two book together could possible create a dynamic duo in the craft world because Suzie Millions book is about retro crafts in their pure state. Meaning they look homemade and have a very kitschy feel to them, this book and Cathy Callahan book together to me is a match made in heaven.

As always, have any of you read this book or do you have a craft book that you could recommend?


* All opinions are my own and this review is not being sponsored. 

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