Follow Me On Hellocotten

Good Morning,
I wanted to tell you guys that you can now follow me on Hellocotten. I had never heard of Hellocotten until I saw it on some else blog. To explain it better I got a little description from their site

"Hellocotton allows you to follow the publications of talented women bloggers, that is Hellocotton members with a passion (for fashion, cooking, reading…) sharing with you the latest trends and their discoveries. As soon as you follow a member, all its updates are automatically visible on your newsfeed."

They have blogs for Fashion, Lifestyle, Food, Family, Weddings ,Design, Crafts & DIY, Entertainment and so much more. I love it and their Crafts & DIY section is the best (in my little opinion).

Check them out, I think you guys will like them.



  1. I have never heard of hellocotten before! I'll have to take a look :-)

  2. I have never heard of it either...but it sounds interesting!


  3. Very cool. It's amazing how many social networking options there are.

  4. That sound cool! Will check it out now :)

    Also, hi! I'm your new follower (both here and in bloglovin). I found your blog through the Etsy team Etsy Shop Owners vs Bloggers, and I'm glad I did, love the things you post :)



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