Salt And Pepper Shakers

Good Morning,
Lately I've been buying cups, bowls and dishes to put in my Hope Chest. If you don't know what a Hope Chest is, thats ok. It's basically a wooden chest where you store important dishes, cloths, blankets and etc, to use after you get married or maybe in my case move out.

I been on the hunt for a vintage Salt And Pepper Shaker set and maybe found one at an antique store near by... but that didn't stop me from going on Etsy to look at their selection. So I thought today I would share with you my favorites from Etsy.

1. Vintage Green Salt and Pepper Shakers in Teapot Holder

2. Pair of Happy Puppy Salt and Pepper Shakers

3. Vintage Squirrel Salt and Pepper Shaker Set 1950s Made in Japan

4. Vintage 1950s or 1960s Plastic Retro Television Three Piece Salt and Pepper Shaker Set 

5. vintage wales kissing sweethearts salt and pepper shakers, ice cream, couple, romance, wedding gift, 1950s 

6. Vintage Lustro Ware Salt and Pepper Shakers 



  1. New follower through Mingle with Us blog hop! Hoping you will stop by and follow along with me too!

    Jill @ Create.Craft.Love.

  2. The teapot and the TV are my favorites! Fun idea for a feature.

    1. Out of all them, the TV is probably my favorite. Just because I think it's an adorable idea.

      Thanks for stopping by :)

  3. I love all of them! So cute! My grandma had a plastic piano. When you pushed on the keys, the salt and pepper shakers would pop up!

    1. Thats sounds so cool, I kinda wish there were more "creative looking" salt and pepper shakers out there now (lol).

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing:)

  4. I love the kissing couple! Pier 1 has some really cute salt and pepper shakers, you should check them out.

    I've been married for 6 years on Monday and we are still using the dishes and so many other things that were in my hope chest over 10 years ago. It's a great tradition! (found you from the Etsy team)

  5. Aww, thats great that your still using your dishes from your hope chest.

    Thanks for stopping by and becoming a follower:)


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