Shop Update

Good Morning,
Wanted to let you guys know, that on Monday I added 3 new items to the shop! Now I'm totally excited to share them with you guys because I love putting them together and just think their awesome. They are...... Crafty Grab Bags!

What is a Crafty Grab Bag you ask? Well they are bags that are filled to the brim with all sorts of craft supplies. There will be over 50 items in your bag and some of those items are:

Scrap Pieces Of Paper
Scrap Cut Outs
Small Toys
Pom Pom Ball, and so much more.

These bags are great for craft projects, scrapbooking and assemblage projects. All you have to do is pick your color.

Now for now I only have three colors which are red, pink and orange. But don't worry I will be updating the shop again and will have grab bags in yellow, green, blue, purple and black and white (which are together).

Check out the pictures below to see what these grab bags are all about.

Crafty Grab Bag-Red

Crafty Grab Bag-Pink

Crafty Grab Bag-Orange


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  1. Great idea! These would be great for VBS craft time.


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