Duck Tape Feathers

Hello Everyone,
I've been carrying the same purse for a while now and it's actually very old ( but it's one of my favorites). I wanted to update my purse, so I decided to take a crack at duck tape feathers. In the end I made a really cute keychain for my purse and thought you guys might want to learn how to make it yourself. So below is a fun diy.


Duck Tape Feathers

Duck Tape
Craft Knife
Hole Punch
Magazine or Sticky Note Pad 
Key Ring 
Pen ( not pictured)

Step 1: Cut off a piece of duck tape and fold it in half. Then draw a feather shape on your duck tape and cut it out.

picture 1

picture 2

Step 2: Cut slits on one side of your feather, making sure that you don't cut in to far ( picture 1). Then repeat this process on the other side when your done you should have something that looks like picture 2.

Step 3:  Now without cutting into the middle, cut into your slits more by cutting out little pieces of duck tape. You should also try to make your edges more jagged.

picture 1
picture 2

Step 4 : Then with your craft knife make a line down the middle of your feather, making sure only to cut the first layer of tape ( picture 1). When your done your feather should look like picture 2. At this point your feather is done, but in the next few steps I'm going to show you how you can turn this feather into a key chain.

Step 5: Then take your hole punch and punch a small hole in the top of your feather.

Step 6:  With your pilers attach your feather to some chain, then attach that to a key hook.

Then your done.


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