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Hello Everyone,
Ever since I opened up my Etsy shop, I have been on the hunt to find good ways to market my shop and to find out more info about Etsy in general. This past week I found a site ( which is new to me) called Esty Coupon Code. Now instead of me babbling on about what it is, I took a small paragraph from their about page to explain better.

''EtsyCouponCode lets Etsy sellers easily submit and promote their coupon codes and buyers easily find Etsy coupons. Etsy sellers can promote various active coupons for free on the site. Anyone can register with the site, as it is a 100% free site and easy to register.''

The reason why I like their site is because it's another safe way to promote your shop, when you are offering a coupon code. Also if you look over in my sponsor bar, you will see a button that reads " Get My Etsy Code On EtsyCouponCode.Com" ( which I think is good marketing tool if you have a blog).

I am offering a coupon code this month for my blog's birthday, so I'll see if this site really makes a different in sales or not. But if all else fails at least I can find coupon codes for other Etsy shops!


 All opinions are my own and Etsy Coupon Code as know idea that I'm writing about them. I just like to pass on helpful information to all my lovely followers!

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