Melted Crayon Bunny Art

Hello Everyone,
One thing that I have been seeing a lot lately is melted crayon art, so I decide to give it a shot. But I did mine a little bit differently, so today I'm going to show you how to make a fun piece of art out of old crayons.


Melted Crayon Bunny Art 

Black Paint 
Hot Glue Gun
Foam Brush ( not pictured) 
Blow Dryer or Heat Gun ( not pictured)
A Silhouette Of Your Image Your Using ( I typed in bunny silhouette on google and printed out the one I liked)
Transfer Paper ( not pictured and optional)

Step 1: Paint your canvas and let it dry.

Step 2 : Now you can free hand your image but I printed out my image off the computer. Then I use transfer paper, now if you never use transfer paper all you do is: Lay your transfer paper over the top of your canvas and then lay your image on top of the transfer paper ( which is the black paper). Then take your pen and trace on top of your image, going over the outline and any other lines on your image. Once your done remove your image and transfer paper, and on your canvas will be your trace image. 

picture 1
Picture 2
Step 3: Take your glue gun and glue your crayons on to your canvas ( picture 1). When your done your crayons should outline the image you chose to use ( picture 2).

Step 4: Then take your blow dryer and melt your crayons. 

Then your done! 

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  1. I like your new take on this project! This would be adorable for a kid's room.

  2. Super cute idea for easter! Love it!

  3. Very cute! My daughter would love this. She had such a fun time helping with the last one we did. Now following thru GFC and coming from the Mingle with Us hop. Come visit sometime!

    Have a great Easter weekend!
    Erika @ Southern Belle as an Army Wife


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