Adventures In Crochet (5)

Hello Everyone,
Here is this month's addition of Adventures In Crochet. Last month I show you guys how I made crochet flowers, so this month I'm showing you guys all about crochet bows.

I got the idea to learn how to make crochet bows from a blog called One Sheepish Girl. Meredith who runs the blog made these cute little crochet bows a few months ago, I fell in love with them and wanted to learn how to make my own.

Now since I'm still learning about crocheting, I wanted to fine the simplies way to make a crochet bow. I found a video on YouTube which show you how to make super cute bow and if your a beginner these bows are not only super cute but very easy to make.

Here are the bows that I made.

You could do a lot of things with these bows, you could turn them into pins, glue them to headbands and so much more. But stay tune because later this week I'll be showing you guys how to use these crochet bows in an unique way.


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