Mini Collection Monday

Hello Everyone,
Hope you all had a great weekend!

Today's mini collection is really special for me because I had it every since I was little. This special collection is a Lamb Chop and Friend Train Set! When I was little I loved Lamp Chop and my parents bought me the train set to go with my own Lamb Chop puppet ( which you can see in the background).

Over the years I have fallen more in love with this train set. I just love how you have grown up Lamb Chop ( in the front) then baby Lamb Chop ( right behind ). Actually ( small random fact ), the company who produce this made an adult version and baby version of each accept for Mr. Bearly ( which you see in picture 6).

Do you guys remember Lamb Chop? If not come back tomorrow, cause I've gotten on the Lamb Chop train and I'm not getting off just yet!

Have A Super Monday and Enjoy,


  1. This is Great !! thanks for the throw back :)

  2. The photos of Lamb Chop totally brought me back to my childhood!

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    The Pretty Pinhead


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