Misanthropy Creations Part 1

Hello Everyone,
I wanted to let you guys know, that I've become a guest writer for a wonderful blog call Misanthropy Creations.

Misanthropy Creations is run by Michelle who is not only a crafty person, she is also an X-Files fan ( which makes her an awesome person in my book). You can see Michelle's work in her etsy shop called Misanthropy Creations.

I am not the only guest writer and in this part 1 post, I'm going to be talking about Jackie, Lindsay and Ellen!

Jackie has two etsy shops the first is Willow Tree Menagerie and the second is Willow Tree Apothecary. In her shop Willow Tree Menagerie, she sells fabric buttons, picture frames and button jewelry. In Willow Tree Apothecary Jackie sells solid perfume lockets, and she also sells her perfume in tubes, tins and compacts.  Jackie also runs a blog called Every Pretty Thing  .

Lindsay is fantasy/Gothic Illustrator who runs her etsy shop call FaerieMajikk   . In her shop she sells watercolors and paintings based on  fantasy, mermaids and so much more. Lindsay has a newsletter and a facebook page.

Ellen is a lover of the beach and her etsy shop shows it. Ellen's shop is called Serene Seaside Treasures were she sells beautiful shells, corals and beach stones, jewelry and more.

So if I were you I would check all this amazing blogs and shops out. If your on etsy you can also join the Misanthropy Creation Blog Team .

Their are more people joining the group, so look out for part 2.


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