Adventures In Crochet (6)

Hello Everyone,
Here is this month's addition of Adventures In Crochet. Last month I show you guys how I made crochet bows, so this month I'm going to show you guys how I made a triangle flag banner.

So when I was thinking about making this project the first thing I had to learn, was how to make a crochet triangle. Now their are many videos on youtube that can show you how to make crochet triangles, you just have to find to one that works for you. The video that I use, I linked below.

Once I got the hang of making triangles, I made 6 little ones for my flag banner. When I was done with that, all I did was crochet a long chain and crochet each triangle on every 15 chains.

When I was done my flag banner look like this:

I really liked how it turn out and it was super easy to make. I actually made this banner in one day, so it would be a great rainy day project.

I also can't believe I'm 6 months into this blog series, we got 6 more projects to go then we will be done! If you guys have any crocheting request, please feel free to leave them in the comments below. Also if you miss any of the last 5 Adventures In Crochet, I linked them all below.

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  1. So cute!!

  2. How cute. I am a beginner at crochet and I am just attempting to make my first baby blanket so having tutorials like this is fab and gives me all sorts of ideas!

    Jessica :)


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