Mary Engelbreit

Hello Everyone,
Today I thought I would share with you guys my all time favorite illustrator. Her name is Mary Engelbreit, now some of you might know who she is but in case you don't here is a small description from her website...

"Mary Engelbreit is known throughout the world for her distinctive illustration style, imbued with spirited wit and nostalgic warmth. The unmatched following for her work has grown with a range of licensed products that stretches from calendars, to best-selling children’s books, millions of greeting cards sold each year, and thousands of gifts, crafts and home accents."

Now I just took one paragraph from her little bio but if you want to read the rest then click here.

To me Mary Engelbreit embodies what I would love to do as an artist. She has accomplish so much and made a wonderful business out of her illustrations. When ever I'm in an artistic rut, I always look at her drawings or get one of my old Home Companion Magazines out ( which was the magazine that she founded ).

So I did some Internet surfing and picked out some of my favorite illustrations that she has done.




Who is your favorite illustrator?


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