Adventures In Crochet (7)

Hello Everyone,
Here is this month's addition of Adventures In Crochet. Last month I show you guys how I made a triangle flag banner, so this month I'm going to show you guys how I made a granny square.

I think making a granny square is a rite of passage in crocheting (lol). I actually had been putting it off because I thought it would be hard to make but in reality it wasn't that hard at all. After some searches on youtube, I found a series of videos that made learning how to do this very easy.

There were three videos in the series and I link them all below:

After watching the videos I made three granny squares and the one below was my best one. I found that the yarn I was using was not the best for this project because it tend to fray. Do you guys have any suggestions on what type of yarn is the best for making granny squares?

My granny square still needs a lot of work but overall I'm happy with the way it turned out. After some practice I might even start one of those pretty granny square blankets.

So what are your thoughts on granny squares?


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  1. I like your granny square. Good for a first attempt. You could start and finish in the corners, by doing a chain-2 and single crocheting in the first double crochet, so you "land" in the space. The starting chain becomes almost unnoticeable. :)

    Many of your stitches are nice and even, very good first attempt. Granny squares are often naughty, and you'll find that your double crochets are not all identical. Maybe they just want to make you notice them, haha!

    Good luck and God's best!


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