Mini Collection Monday

Hello Everyone,
Hope you all had a great weekend!

Today's mini collection, is a collection of plates that my friend gave to me 2 weeks ago. She was getting rid of some dishes and ask if I wanted any other them. I took a few pieces and when I saw these plates I really like them but didn't take them. After getting home I kept picturing these plates in the future cabinets of my future home. To make a long story short, I texted her and said I wanted them.

I'm so happy I took them! My friend told me that they might be depression glass, which I think is really cool. But what I love most about these plates is of course the pink color!

After some research I found that my plates where produce by Heisey in the Ridge & Star pattern. They were produce between 1924- 1935 and the cool thing is that there is a Heisey H inside a diamond. Which is there special mark that they put in the middle of there plates.

Do you guys have any depression glass?



  1. I love collecting vintage tea pots...and I have some depression glass too...from my grandmother. My favorite piece is a teacup and the stamp on the bottom states, "made in occupied Japan".

  2. These are really pretty plates Katie!


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