Mini Collection Monday

Hello Everyone,
Hope you all had a great weekend!

Today's mini collection is a piece of carnival glass, that I got from my friend. So just like every other piece I collected, I was curious to learn about carnival glass. After some research I found that carnival glass started being made in 1907 by Fenton Art Glass Company. There glassware became popular over the next ten years and came in a variety of different colors.The glass got its name because it was believed to have been given away at carnivals as prizes.

After some more research I found that my piece of carnival glass is in the color marigold and that is as far as I got. My piece of glass has no markings from any type of company, then I found out that Fenton didn't mark their glass until 1970. There are over 2,000 carnival glass patterns, and on top of all that their are tons of different shapes.

If I had to guest, I would say that my piece of glass was made before 1970 by Fenton. I say that because I looked at tons of different pictures of Fenton glass and found that my piece resembled there style. Then again I could be completely wrong (lol).

The one thing I do enjoy about collecting is the history side of things. If anybody knows anything about this piece, I would love to know more!

I hope you all have a great Monday!

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