Craftistas Kit Review

Hello Everyone,
Today I have a super fun review for you guys! Now as some of you may know there are many subscription services out there like BrichBox, that send you products through the mail. Well, I was contacted by Camille to try out her new subscription box service called Craftistas.

Craftistas is a monthly service that sends you a diy kit/craft project for $20 dollars. The fun thing, is that all there projects are based on the hottest diy fashion trends. I took a little paragraph from there site to explain better,

"If you're anything like us, you scour the thousands of DIY blogs out there and bookmark countless tutorials. But some of our biggest frustrations include the lack of time to actually create these beautiful crafts and the overwhelming details that leave us wondering where to begin! Craftistas does all the work for you. We find the most intriguing crafts and collect all the necessary materials. We then package them up, write step-by-step instructions, and mail the kit directly to your doorstep."

I was so excited when Camille contacted me and couldn't wait to receive my box!

My box above, was wrapped like a little gift! I'm a girl who is all about cute packaging and I love the handmade look of the box. When I open my box I was greeted by a little note from Camille telling me about this month project.

When I pulled back the pretty green tissue paper, I found instructions for making a fun fringe necklace. All the materials were either in a cute little envelop or were wrapped very nicely.

The great thing about Craftistas is that they provide most of the materials to make your project. The only thing they don't provide are tools like a glue gun. In my box I got three pieces of different size and color fringe and a gold chain (that all ready had the lobster clasp and jump ring attached). All the materials in the kit were good quality as well.

You also got a little book, of set of step by step directions. The directions were easy to follow and the booklet had nice color photos, to explain each step.

I open the box and made the project that day. It took me less than a hour to make my necklace and it was really simple to put together. Above is the finished necklace, now I loved the concept, color and style of this necklace but the only thing that bother me was the necklace's length.

I felt that the blue fringe was too long (for me), and would be a little impractical for everyday wear. So  I decided to cut the blue fringe and make it shorter.

Here is the cut I made. For my personal style, I like it much better. Now some of you out there maybe like the longer length better and thats great because Craftistas likes to remind there customers that

"This is your craft. We've provided the materials and some basic instructions, but feel free to make it your own!"  

Over all I am in love with Craftistas, I think it's a great idea for people who love to craft but maybe don't have that much time to craft on there own. I would totally buy another month's box and I think you guys should go check them out.

You can find out more about Craftistas by visiting all the links below:






* This is a sponsored post by Craftistas, whom I’m very happy to work with. In no way has this had an effect on my opinion or values.* 


  1. CUTE!! I received their Clutch kit.

  2. This is awesome! I didn't know there were things like this out there!!!

    I'm a new follower from the Mingle with Us blog hop :)

    Brie @ Breezy Pink Daisies

    1. Thanks so much for becoming a follower and I will definitely follow you back :)


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