Etsy Find: Chick- Lit Designs

Hello Everyone,
As you all know I love Etsy, I love selling, shopping and just plain looking. So today I'm going to be taking about a fun shop, that I found a few months back. The shop is call Chick- Lit Designs.

Like I said I found this shop a few months back and just fell in love with the whole concept of turning books into fun purses/clutches.

If I were you, I would definitely check this shop out!


* This is not a sponsor post and Chick- Lit Designs as know idea that I'm writing about them. *

Little Women Book Purse Handbag and Kindle Ereader Cover (with compact pocket mirror)

Book Clutch Purse- Nancy Drew

Book Clutch Purse- The Wizard of Oz

Vintage Book Clutch Purse- Barbie (with compact pocket mirror)

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  1. Hey from the etsy Blogging Team! This shop looks fantastic--what a great idea! Going over to check them out now :)


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