Ombre Pop Tab Can DIY

Hello Everyone,
A few months ago I was trying to think of new crafts for the blog and I came up with one I thought would be fun. Todays diy is a super fun recyclable projects that involves one of my favorite thing pop tabs.


Pop Tabs ( you will need a lot )
4-5 different paints in the same color family
Paint Brush
E-6000 glue (  when I took this photo I grabbed my glue gun instead of my E-6000 )

Step 1: Paint your pop tabs. Now to get the ombre look, you are going to need 5 different paint shades (that are in the same color family). I chose orange, so I started with my darkest orange then went to my second lightest and so on.

Now if you don't have that many paint colors, you could always use one paint color and add white gradually to get different shades of that color.

Step 2: Once your pop tabs are dry, then you can glue them to your can. I use E-6000 and glued one row at a time. Once I was done with one row, I would let it dry before I went to the next.

In case your wondering, the can I use was a Campbell's Chunky Soup Can. It could fit 5 different color pop tabs on the side and I use 15 pop tabs around. So in totally I used 75 pop tabs!

When all your pop tabs are on, then your done!

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