Revamp School Folder DIY

Hello Everyone,
Today I have fun diy for you guy! This diy is all about revamping your school folders. Now there are many different ways to decorate your folders but I thought making a collage out of some old or new artwork would make your folder more unique and personal.

So get your hands covered in paint and have fun!


p.s I just now realized that I spelled inspire wrong on my folder (lol) Make sure you spell check!

School Folder
Paint Brush
Glue Stick

Step 1: Take your piece of paper and paint it how ever you want. 

Step 2: Then write and doodle all over the paper you just painted. 

Step 3: Then break out your stamps and stamp pad and start stamping away!

Step 4: Once your done decorating your paper, rip it up into a bunch of pieces. Now I would suggest making a whole bunch of these paper sheets because when you go to collage your piece (in the next step) you will have more to work with. 

Step 5: Then glue your pieces onto your school folder. 

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