Special Sunday Etsy Picks

Hello Everyone,
Hope you all are doing well!

This week has been a very busy and somewhat stressful week. School started on Monday and I already feel like I have homework coming out of my ears (lol). But even though it's been stressful it's a good type of stress (if that makes any sense?). Last year I really didn't take that many classes ( for a lot of reasons), so I didn't get a lot done when it came to school. Thats why I'm so thankful to be able to take more classes this semester because I am determined to get my 2 year degree, no matter how long it takes ( I just need to keep telling myself that lol).

So for todays post I thought sense I haven't done a Special Sunday Etsy Picks in a while, that it would be good day for it.

I hope all you lovely people are having a wonderful 3 day weekend! I wish you all a very safe and happy weekend and if your in school, I hope you had a great first week!


1. Vintage Philco 1970's Portable TV Pop Art Space Age Atomic

2. vintage sewing machine, White brand, turquoise, blue, mint green colour, working condition

3. Vintage kodak camera - 1950s Kodak Brownie Hawkeye black titanium gray silver

4. Vintage Gemco Sugar and Creamer Set

5. Willy Wonka Bar Design iPhone 4 Case or iPhone 4s Case Cover (Black / white Color Case)Silicone Rubber case

6. vintage chid's Lego bank zoo animals

7. vintage 1950's dress ...best MR. MORT one shoulder asymmetrical crisp cotton striped full circle skirt pin-up party summer sun dress

8. The Moulin Rouge - Paris Photography, fine art print, vintage style, French wall art, home decor, 8x12 photo

9. Vintage Italian Black Leather T-Strap Heels

10. Vintage Russian dial rotary telephone red color.

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