Crafty October Halloween Picture DIY

Hello Everyone,
Today I have a super easy project for all you ''non'' crafters out there. This project is quick and is a great way to decorate a blank wall!

Have Fun!

Scrapbooking Paper
Glue Stick
Tape or Poster Tape
Pictures ( not pictured )

Step 1: Cut your cardboard into different size squares and rectangles. You can measure out your squares or you can eyeball them, like I did.

picture 1

picture 2
Step 2: Once you have your squares cut out, then glue them to some scrapbooking paper. Once you cut them out you should have something, like picture 2.

From here you could go on to step three or you could add ribbon, glitter, or stickers to your cut outs. Decorated them however you want!

Step 3: Then add some tape to the back of your picture and place it in the center of you scrapbook cut out. Once that is done then tape the whole thing, to your wall.

Then your done!

I also have a diy on the pumpkin frame that is in the middle, you can check that out here.


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