Crafty October: Mummy Jar DIY

Hello Everyone,
Remember that little sneak peek, I gave you guys last Sunday? Well here it is, a Mummy Jar DIY. It's the first of many Halloween crafts to come!


Hot Glue Gun
White Fabric
Googly Eyes

Step 1: Cut or rip your fabric into strips. These strips do not have to be perfect and I personally loved all the threads hanging off from the fabric. 

picture 1

picture 2
Step 2: Then start hot gluing your fabric strips to the jar. Again this does not have to be perfect. All I did was apply some hot glue to the jar and wrap the fabric strip around, then I would add more glue and press the fabric into it. Keep doing this until your whole jar is covered. 

Step 3: Then hot glue some googly eyes to your jar!

Once your eyes are glued on, then your done!


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    1. or, I should say " I love Halloween crafts.. " I never do anything for the actual holiday. ;)


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