Book Review: Big Ass Book Of Bling

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A few months ago I did a review on one my favorite Mark Montano books ( Dollar Store Decor).  After I did that post I was contacted by Mark Montano and was asked if I could do a review on his latest book. Of course I said yes, so today I'm going to be doing a review on The Big- Ass Book Of Bling.


Easy Wear Hardware (picture taken by me)

Now if you are familiar with the Big Ass Book Of Crafts series, then it will be no surprise to you when I say this book is awesome. I have read all the Big Ass book and this new one might be my favorite.

This is one of those craft books, where there is little of everything. There projects on necklaces, rings, headbands, pocketbooks, hatpins, brooches, cufflinks and even shoe clips. Each project is listed under a certain category and the names of the categories are just as cute as the projects. For example Kid Couture, Simply Charming, Hard As Lace, Lucky Lady, The Vynil Countdown and more. My favorite section from the book is the Easy-Wear Hardware (well maybe I'm being a little bias since I use to work at a hardware store... but never the less the projects from this section are so cool).

Lite- Brites (picture taken by me)

Each project has straight forward directions alongside color photos. The directions themselves are easy to follow and the supplies for most of the projects can be found at your local craft store. Also throughout the book, there are hints, suggestions, notes and other ideas. These are all in the book to help you understand the projects better and to help you create a more unique craft.  One of my favorite projects in the book is the Lite-Brites ( which is from the Easy-Wear Hardware section ).

As a craft book, it covers a lot of different techniques and mediums. For example Mark Montano shows you how to use vinyl, bobby pins and plastic gutter gards, to make cool pieces of jewelry. There are also sections in the book dedicated to wood, metal, molding & casting, glass and even doll heads.

Below I listed some of Mark Montano's Youtube videos, that deal with crafts from this particular book.

The one thing I will say is that if your looking for a ''traditional'' craft book, then this book may not be for you. But if you like fun, unique and ''make it your own'' projects, then I would totally recommend this book.

I also recommend that you check out Mark's blog.


p.s As always if you guys have a craft book you love and would like to recommend, leave it in the comments below!

* All opinions are my own and I was given the book to review

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  1. Great book review! I'm not familiar with the series, so now you've got me interested! =0)


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