20 Before 20 Final Update

Hello Everyone,
Well my birthday was last month, which meant it was the end of my 20 Before 20. I thought it would be fun to do a small recap of the goals I accomplish (which weren't that many lol). Out of 20 goals, I completed a sad 9.

Below are the 9, I completed.

1. Start a new collection 8-27-12  ( click here to see the post )

2. Open up my own Etsy shop 12-7-11 ( click here to see the post )

3. Sell one item in my shop 12-20-11 ( click here to see the item )

7. Reach 50 followers ( click here to see the post )

8. Learn to crochet 1-1-12 ( click here to see post)

9. Buy something from Mod Cloth 8-27-12

11. Journal more 6-10-12 - 7-7-12

14. Find and buy a vintage easy bake oven in turquoise 5-29-12 ( click here to see post )

18. Don't use the computer for anything for one whole day 6-22-12

But we do have some honorable mentions, that need to be addressed.

16. Watch 26 movies I've never seen starting with each letter of the alphabet

A- A Haunting In Connecticut 12-19-11
B- Bye Bye Birdie 6-18-12
C- Changeling 7-14-12
D-Drew Peterson: Untouchable 1-22-12
E- Eagle Eye 8-5-12
G- Gnomeo And Juliet 11-18-11
H- Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 2 11-28-11
I- It's Complicated 5-13-12
J- Julie and Julia 1-22-12
K- Kate & Leopold 9-24-12
L- Leap Year 2-7-12
M- My Fake Fiancé 6-5-12
O- One Day 4-24-12
P- Prometheus 6-15-12
R- Return To Neverland 4-1-12
S- Sherlock Holmes 6-23-12
T- The Amityville Horror House 1-26-12
W- Whip It 7-26-12

17. Read 10 books that I've never read before (8/10)

Both of these goals were super fun and I think I'm going to do them again.

Overall I thought the goals I competed were fun and I'm in the processing of making a new list. I love these types of goals because some are serious and some are just plain fun. My hope is to complete more then 9 this year but will see.

Do any of you make a list like this or write down goals you want to achieve before your next birthday?


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