5 Cute Gift Wrapping Ideas

Hello Everyone,
Lately I have been on the hunt for some cute gift wrapping diy's. I tend to go back and forth each year between making someone a gift or buying them one. This year is the ''buying'' year, so I always like to make my gift wrapping or bags, just to add that handmade touch.

So today I pulled together my favorite gift wrapping diy's, that are super cute and won't break the bank. My favorite would have to be the Duck Tape Gift Wrap, but there all so cute.

What your favorite?


1. DIY Duct Tape Gift Wrap by The Sweetest Occasion

2. Anthropologie Inspired Crochet Polka Dot Gift Wrap by One Sheepish Girl 

3. Washi Tape Wrapping paper by A Spoonful Of Sugar

4. DIY // Potato Stamp Wrapping Paper

5. Guest Post: Hand Printed Fabric Gift Wrap Tutorial

Bonus Gift Wrapping Idea: {Style Idea} #2 love by The Party Studio blog


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