Oh Deer Its Almost Christmas

Hello Everyone,
Don't you just love the play on words, in blog titles (lol). Well today I'm going to be showing you guys some cute little deer figurines from etsy. My favorite deer would be the very first one, I mean how could you not love a family of deer with red bows?

So let your daily dose of cuteness out of the way!

Vintage Porcelain Baby Deer w/ Bow Tie Figurines set of 3 Japan Fawn MINTY 1 Lg 2 Sm Xmas
Vintage plastic little deer- vintage Fawn- sweet little doe- Christmas deer- Bambi- 1950s Super cute deer- little brown deer
Set of Two 1950s Big Eyed Deer Figurines Made in Japan Kitsch
Vintage Fawn
Ceramic Dear Figurine Japan
Which one is your favorite?



  1. How nice!
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    kisses from Rome <3

    1. I would love to follow you! Thanks for becoming a new follower of the blog :)


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