Winter Wonderland House DIY

Hello Everyone,
I have always been a fan, of little retro glitter covered cardboard Christmas houses (also called putz village). If you don't know what I mean, then you are in for a kitsch treat. Below is a picture of what I'm talking about.

Anytime I see these in an antique store, they are either too expensive or falling apart. So today I'm going to show you guys how you can make, your own little Christmas house. Trust me once you make one, you will want to make a whole village!

Craft On!

Cardboard House ( I got mine from Hobby Lobby )
2 Diffident Colors Of Paint ( One in white for the roof and another color of your choice)
Glitter (Same Color As The Paint Of Your Choice)
Foam Brush
Hot Glue Gun (Optional)
Small Toys To Decorate Your House (Optional)
Sealer (Not Pictured)

 Step 1 : Paint your cardboard house, I did two coats.

Step 2: On my third coat of paint, I sprinkled the glitter all over my house. You could also mix your glitter with mod podge and then brush it on your house. Its up to you.

Step 3: Once your glitter is dry, then apply some sealer. This will help the glitter stay in place and not come off.

Step 4: Now go crazy and decorate your house with your small toys!

Then your done!

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  1. That is really cute. I was actually at Michaels the other day looking at little houses. I might try this for next year.


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