Goals, Dreams A New Year

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Hello Everyone,

Lately I have been thinking about dreams and goals for the new year. I have always love the first of the year because it’s filled with promise and is a blank canvas. You can try new things, discover things about yourself and let go of the past.

This past year was a learning experience. I learned a lot about myself and about life in general. I had amazing things happen and some very sad things happen. I think in those happy or sad moments you learn another small piece about yourself. I learned that things are going to happen on God's time table and that I shouldn't be worried about were my friends are at or where ''society'' thinks I should be at. To me setting goals is so important because it challenges you and helps you discover things about yourself. This past year I did a lot of ''self-discovering'' through praying, reading and achieving my goals. 

No matter how big or small your goals never be ashamed of them. One of my goals is to finally get my drivers licenses, which is going to happen! But then another goal of mine is to make a recipe off Pinterest. I also think its ok if you fall off the wagon, trying to achieve your goal. You're human and its ok. Just pick yourself up and start again. 

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The most important thing is to enjoy life and be positive! Believe that God is going to bless you with something amazing and that this is going to be your year. My faith in God, has strength in the past year. Which is a blessing and a gift. My main goal for this year is to keep building and growing my faith because with that, there is the power to find happiness in every situation (and a way to face your fears). 

Also always remember..

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Make today your day,

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