Embroidery Hoop Picture Frame DIY

Hello Everyone,
Hope everyone had a great weekend! Today I thought I would kick off the week, with a fun diy.

Back during Christmas, my Dad and Mom got me some embroidery hoops for sewing. Well, lets just say that these embroidery hoops never saw any fabric. Instead they saw paper and cardboard.

So today, I'm going to show you guys how to turn a simple embroidery hoop into a picture frame (of sorts).

Lets get crafty!

Embroidery Hoop
Glue Stick
E-6000 Glue

 Step 1: Trace the outside of your embroidery hoop onto your cardboard. Then cut it out.

Step 2: Take your cardboard circle and use it as a template for your image. Trace around your image and cut it out.

 Step 3: With your glue stick, glue your image to your cardboard circle.

Step 4: Apply some E-6000 to the outsider of your image and press the embroidery hoop into the glue. Then let it dry.

Your Done!

Now I used a photo from a magazine but you could also use a family photo or an inspiration photo (of that swimsuit you want to get into). The possibility are really endless!

Have A Happy Monday,

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