A Few Of My Favorite Things

Hello Everyone,
Last week I did a post of ''A Few Of My Favorite Things'' and really enjoyed writing it. So I thought today, I would post some more favorites from this past week.

All of the pictures above came from a site called Houzz . Its a really cool site that has tons and tons of pictures of home design and decorating. I found this picture with the dog so funny because not only is he sleeping in style but his little red shoes are pretty awesome!

These baked strawberry donuts looks sooo good.

Loving this bag from Modcloth.

                                                              Source: todaysworkathomemom.com via Katie on Pinterest

These watermelon cupcakes are so cute.

                                                               Source: ahumblemagic.tumblr.com via Katie on Pinterest

You never have to many pretty cups.

Have A Great Weekend,

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