Easter Candy Box DIY

Hello Everyone,
Today I have another Easter DIY for you!

If you all remember my wrapping paper saver diy, then you will love this project. Its basically the same thing but upgraded because of this product called Dimensional Magic.

In a nut shell, Dimensional Magic is a Mod Podge product that creates a clear (resin like) look when you apply it to jewelry or in this case the top of a box.

So if you want to make your own Easter Candy Box, then keep reading!

Small Wooden Box
Mod Podge
Mod Podge Dimensional Magic
Easter Picture ( it can be a photo, something from a book or scrapbooking paper)

 Step 1: Paint your box.

picture 1
picture 2

Step 2:  Flip your box over and trace around the top, onto your paper. Then cut it out. Once you have your paper, take your Mod Podge and glue it to the top of your box (picture 2).

picture 1
picture 2
Step 3: Take your dimensional magic and apply a thin coat to the top of your box. Then let it dry ( it should look something like picture 2 when its completely dry).

Then your done!


p.s  If you all would like to see a full review on Dimensional Magic, I would be happy to do one.


  1. I've never used Dimensional Magic but it looks amazing! So shiny!! :)

  2. I love this miss katie, we need to make these next time we hang :))


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