Firmoo Glasses Review

Hello Everyone,

Today I'm doing a fun review on a pair of glasses that I got from Firmoo.

For starters is an online eyeglasses store where you can get high quality glasses at extremely affordable prices. When I first went to their site, I was in awe by all the different styles, frames and colors I could pick from. I could have gotten glasses that looked modern, nerdy or even retro ( like cat eye frames). I also had the option to use their Virtual Try-On System, where you upload a photo of yourself and ''try'' on the glasses.

After going back and forth I finally settled on the pair above. Once I made my choice, all I had to do was put in my prescription (which was super easy). All I did was request my prescription from my eye doctor and plugged in the information when I was checking out. Also if you did have a question about how to read your prescription or wanted to know what something meant, Firmoo provided great information (so you could better understand your prescription).

Also if your not blind as a bat like me, then you can get their frames for:
  • Reading (to see near)
  • Distance (to see far) (general use)
  • Computer (intermediate)
  • Bifocal/Progressive (both distance and reading)
  • Fashion (without prescription with zero power lens)
  • Buy Frames Only (without lens)

I will admit I have never order prescription glass online, so I didn't really know if the whole thing would work. But let me tell you, I love these glasses! I was so happy when I got them and tried them on. I could see perfectly out of them and they fit my face really good.

Overall I am very happy with everything. The glasses turned out to be just like there description and arrived fairly quickly.

Now if your still on the fence about whether this is for you or not, then you need to check out Firmoo's First Pair Free Program. You can pick out and receive a free pair of glasses from Firmoo. All you have to do is pay shipping. Where else can you get a deal like that!

You can find out more about Firmoo Glasses by visiting the links below.




So check them out, you may like what you see!


* This is a sponsored post by, whom I’m very happy to work with. In no way has this had an effect on my opinion or values.*

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