Jewelry Holder DIY

Hello Everyone,
Today I have diy project for all you jewelry lovers out there. This project is super simple and you probably already have the supplies to make it. What I'll be making today is a jewelry holder. Which is made from a basic frame, some spools of thread and a few buttons.

Lets Get Crafty!

Scrapbooking Paper
Three Small Spools Of Thread
Three Buttons

Step 1: Remove your glass from the frame and cut your scrapbooking paper to size. Once your done cutting place your scrapbooking paper in your frame.

Step 2:  Then figure out how far apart you want your spools of thread. When you have figured that out, then glue your spools of thread down with your E-6000.

Step 3:  Once your spools of thread are dry, then apply some glue to the top of the spools and press your buttons in place.

Then Your Done!

All the necklaces featured, you can find at my Etsy or Storenvy shop.

xo Katie


  1. a great idea! The glasses necklace is fun!

  2. This turned out really cool. I like the idea of using spools! :)

  3. This is cool! I love the spools and buttons!

    1. Wow I love this super simple but creative and chic project idea, I really need to make a jewellery rack so I might give this a go in the next few weeks. Loving your blog and just stopping by from the falling for friday linky

      Laura x

  4. That's a great idea. I like it. I think your idea really helpful to us. Your jewelry also really good and awesome.
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