Lets Talk: First Experience Of Crafting

Hello Everyone,
Today is the beginning of a new blog series called Lets Talk. If you don't know about Lets Talk, then you can click here to find out more.

After reading your guy's comments I thought the first Lets Talk should be about our first experience of crafting. This topic was suggest by Rachel, so everybody give a round of applause for Rachel :)

When I was thinking about my first experience of crafting a lot of things came to mind. I thought about sitting in front of the tv when I was little watching The Carol Duvall Show and I remembered my grandma sewing me a swim suit wrap (to look like Betty Grable lol).

Now you would think since this blog is called Running With A Glue Gun, that my first experience of crafting would be with a glue gun. Well, sadly its not. My first crafting experience would have to be me sewing with my mom.

My mom loves to sew by hand. Meaning that she will cut out 4 by 4 squares and sew each square to another square until she has 9 by 9 big square. Then she will sew that to other 9 by 9 square and so on (lol).

Well when I was little I remember her teaching me how to sew. She cut out my two squares of fabric, taught me how to thread a needle and then taught me the basic straight stitch . Before I knew it I was sitting in front of her working on my own ''quilt'' .

But you want to know something, sewing by hand takes a lot of work and time. Eventually my six year old brain was convince that there was a better and quicker way to do sewing. Thats when I took the stapler to some fabric and made my mom a small pillow (lol). I really thought I was on the verge of changing the sewing world.....

Today I have learned that staplers and fabrics don't mix when it comes to quilts and pillows. But I will never forget these little memory because they got me interested in other craft projects and mediums.

That was my first craft memory, now its time to share your in the comments below!

xo Katie


  1. Yay, I was helpful!
    I was creatively stifled by my mother... I was only allowed to paint or draw or use felt tips outside... But I was given a mosaic kit when I was 9, and I made a card for my dad with that kit later that year. I guess in that way,I will always revert to making cards, as they were my first love.
    I saw some of our textile students using staples this year ... you're a trensetter! ;)
    And that fabric is gorgeous!
    So much love for this right now :)

    1. Card making always sounds like fun. It amazing me the cards that people do create using stamps, scrapbooking paper and whatever else.

      Also the fabric I used was from Mary Engelbreit's fabric collection. I love the little scotty dogs.

      Thanks you for suggesting the topic and leaving a comment! If you have more topic ideas e-mail me :)

  2. My first crafting memories is probably doing some of those little kid craft kits you can buy at the store with my mom when I was little. I've always been into drawing(I had penpals and I'd draw on the envelopes before sending them out.) and then when I was around 9 or so my sister and I started scrapbooking.

    I agree about the handsewing thing. It takes a lot of patience. But I use the sewing machine, not staples. haha


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