Makeup Compact DIY

Hello Everyone,
If your like me and you love make-up, then you probably have a tons of makeup compacts lying around. Now I never knew what to do with the compacts when I was done with them. I would usually wash them out and put them in a pile for some future craft project. Well today I am going to show you have to re-vamp your old makeup compact and show you what you can use it for.

Lets Get Crafty!

Compact Mirror
Scissors, Pilers Or Shank Cutters

Step 1: Clean out your make-up compact.

Step 2: Take your scissors, pilers or shank cutters and clip off the backs of any shank buttons.

Step 3: Then glue your buttons on the front of the compact with your E-6000

Then Your Done!

With your new compact, you could use it to hold.....

Hair ties and bobby pins

xo Katie


  1. What a fun idea! I love all things shiny.

  2. This is so cute...those make up compacts are so ugly but this makes it oh so pretty!


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