Mother's Day Gift: Thrifted

Hello Everyone,
As you all know Mother's Day is coming up this Sunday. Well last week my friend and I went thrifting, antiquing and garage saleing (in hopes to find something for our mothers).

Then I thought to myself even though money it tight that doesn't mean you can't get your mom a great gift for mother's day. Now most of us would got to a store and buy our mother's flowers, candy or a gift card. But why not get a little more creative and go thrifting, antiquing or to a garage sale.

While I was out with my friend I found two items that I knew my mother would love. So with a little fabric, ribbon and some some cleaning I was able to create a pretty cute Mother's Day gift.

Wrapping:  To wrap my gift I used a bandana from Hobby Lobby and some strawberry ribbon I had on hand.

The Gift: Once you take the ribbon off and open the bandana, you will see the cup and saucer filled with candy and a small knick knack.

The strawberry cup and saucer I bought at a garage sale for 2.00 dollars.

My mother works in the medical field and loves any little critter dressed up as a nurse. So I bought this bear nurse at Goodwill for .52 cents.

When I placed the bear inside the cup I added some of my mom favorite candy around the bear.

I love how the gift turned out and I know my mother will love it! In case your wondering the total cost of the gift was $ 3.51.

Below I broke down the prices.

Bandana:.                                  .99
Ribbon:                       Had on Hand
Cup and Saucer:                       2.00
Bear Nurse:                                .52
Candy:                        Had On Hand
Total                                      $ 3.51   

Now you can obvious spend more than 3.00 dollars on your mother (lol). I just wanted to show you that with a little creative that you can still buy a great gift at an amazing price.

What are you getting for your mom this Mother's Day?

xo Katie


  1. Adorable gift, I love the cup and saucer.

  2. I love it! And all for less than $4? What a great steal!!

    1. I know, just go to shows that a little creative can go a long way :)

  3. Thrifting and garage sales are the best! I'm going to get my mom a new cd and of course a handmade card.

  4. Cute idea and I love the strawberries!

  5. The DIY project is attractive and love your DIY making idea


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