Envelope Clutch DIY

Hello Everyone,
Today I have a super fun diy for you guys.

Last year, I made an envelope clutch diy out of felt. I wanted to see if I could make an easier clutch project and came up with this new diy. The bases for your clutch is pre-made clear envelope which I got at Meijer (in their mailing envelopes/stationary section). It only cost .99 cents! So this project is not only simple but cheap to make :)

Plastic Envelope (I got mine at Meijer)
Mod Podge
Craft Knife

picture 2

Step 1: Cut out a piece of your fabric to fit the back of your plastic envelope. Then apply some Mod Podge to the back of your envelope and press your fabric down. Once your done it should look something like picture 2.

picture 1
picture 2

Step 2: Flip your envelope over and repeat the same process to the front but don't do the front flap (picture 1). Open your envelope and add fabric to the inside flap first (picture 2). Also use your craft knife to cut around any velcro pieces. 

Step 3: Now cut out a piece of fabric that is little bit bigger than the front of your envelope flap.

Step 4: Take some Mod Podge and apply it to your envelope and fabric. Press down the fabric and its edges. This extra fabric will cover up any mess you may had made and will give your clutch a more finish look. 

Then Your Done!

I hot glued a button to front of my clutch, to give it a more complete look.

xo Katie 

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