Faber-Castell: Stamper's Big White Pen Review

Hello Everyone,
Today I wanted to do a review on Faber-Castell Stamper's Big White Pen.

I got this product a few months ago when I won it in a giveaway. At first I didn't know what to do with it and thought it would be just another ''paint pen''. To be honest, I wasn't really expecting much from this product and threw it to the side when I got it.

After staring at it on my desk for a few days, I decided to do some research. On Faber-Castell's website they have this description about the pen:

Finally, a white pen for stampers with a large bullet nib that offers rich opaque white coverage with a broad stroke and permanent ink. Excellent for use on dark surfaces and for mixing and matching with other colors and mediums. Ink is immediately visible and will not fade over time. Waterproof when dry, this India ink pen is the perfect choice for mixed media pieces!

Once I read the description I went to youtube and found the video below (which does a great job of showing you, what you can use the pen for).

I experimented with the pen on some black paper and loved the look of the ink. Even though the color of the ink was white, I still thought the ink was bright and vibrate. It also dried quickly.

I went on to use the white pen with other mediums and found that it work great. One of my favorite things was using the pen to doodle on some of my old paintings.

If you remember, I did use the pen this month in my craft paper jar diy. I thought the look of the white ink with the brown craft paper was super cute. I also used paint and stamps in that project and thought everything worked together nicely.

Overall I would give this product 5 out 5. I thought it really lived up to its description and was much more versatile than your normal ''pen''. The only thing that might be a downside (for some people) is that you can't draw thin lines with this pen. This pen has (as its description saids) a ''large bullet nib''. So this pen will allow you to draw bigger lines and cover large areas of a stamp.

So have any of you guys used Faber-Castell Stamper's Big White Pen ?

xo Katie

* All opinions are my own and this review is not being sponsored.


  1. Looks like a great product and would be wonderful for scrap-booking. Wonder if they are thinking about offering the pen in a finer nib so it would be suitable for script-work ?


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