Glitter Sunglasses DIY

Hello Everyone,
Today's diy will get your sunglasses ready for summer.

Let gets crafty!

Mod Podge
Paint Brush
Paper Plate

Step 1: With your paint brush, apply some Mod Podge to your sunglasses.

Step 2: Then sprinkle your glitter onto your sunglasses. Now if you're afraid of getting glitter on the lens of your glasses, you could always cover them up (with tape) before this step. I kinda threw caution to the wind and just began decorating my glasses. I did brush any extra glitter of the lens with a clean paint brush. When your done let your glasses dry.

Then your done!

xo Katie


  1. Those are really cute!! I like that idea. I think they would look great with gold glitter

    1. I was actually going back and forth between using gold or pink glitter (haha). The next pair I decorate will definitely be in gold :)


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