Sew Easy Spool Of Thread Garland

Hello Everyone,
Today I have fun and easy garland project for you.

This garland involves using some little spools of thread and some simple cord. The final look of this garland is super cute and is a great way to use up those little extra spools of thread you may have lying around.

Also this garland would look cute hanging up in a craft room or at a craft party/sewing party.

Let get crafty!

Small Spools Of Thread
2 Beads

Step 1: Cut a piece of cord whatever length you want. Then tie a knot and make a loop at the end of your cord.

Step 2: Thread one of your beads onto the cord.

Step 3: Once your bead is on, begin adding your spools of thread. When you have used all your spools of thread, add on your second bead and repeat step 1.

Then your done!

xo Katie


  1. Ooh, Katie, this is so cute!! I don't have any tiny spools like that, but I have a TON of empty wooden and plastic spools. I bet they would be cute as a garland too. :)

  2. OMG, I didn't even think of that! Wooden spools would look so pretty and would give you that vintage look. :)


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